About Cali Griebel, San Diego Photographer


Cali and team photographer Isaiah

Affectionately called “the paparazzi” by my friends, I love to document life and the activities that we take part in to be able to look back through old photos and relive how those times felt. Being a photographer allows me to tell the untold story of the event, to notice the unspoken details, and to document important and often historic moments.  I capture the seconds in between the minutes ticking on the clock – the “kairos time”. I notice the way the groom silently admires his bride from afar and his eyes light up, how carefully attendees inspect products at a tradeshow, how humbled the employee feels onstage for the award, how guests thoughtfully select food on tray passed hors d’oeuvres. I see what we aren’t consciously aware of. Those are the emotions I want to convey in my visual art.

Photos are the only lasting item long after the food has been eaten, the cake has been savored, the guests have left, and the bar has closed. Creating a photograph to preserve memories of events in your personal and public world are my life’s calling. It would be my pleasure to create tangible memories for you, your business, your employer, and your extended friends and family. I have an amazing team of event photographers that also share my vision and produce the highest quality of work with an outgoing demeanor.


My work has been published in San Diego Union Tribune, Pacific San Diego magazine, Riviera Luxury magazine, San Diego Reader, San Diego City Beat, 944 Magazine, Gloss Magazine, Dining Out magazine, SDPix magazine, Rage Magazine, Yahoo.com, Frontiers Magazine, Gay San Diego newspaper, WHERE San Diego / LA / Orange County magazine, LGBT Weekly, Gay.com Travel section, Noize, various nightclub and event flyers, and local company websites and print advertising.